Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mr Bush's masterpiece

Who was not gladdened, as fratties flooded streets of Washington in joy at the Supreme Court's defense of habeas corpus at Guantánamo? Whose heart didn't leap for the integrity of our culture, as our knightly little hedgehogs rose en masse to praise the President's end to torture? Do we not remember pandemonium incarnate when he said that he would abandon, Don't ask, don't tell? Many explained, how "this" had been the great cause of their whole life; and who could doubt it? Since puberty they'd been seduced by brutish manipulation of their childhood trauma, to make them such lusty consumers of death.  

Now we have the starkly mad assertion that Justice was done, on the blood of several nations and countless hundreds of thousands, and the sav-aged souls of children raised on lies.


  1. I borrowed one of your pics for my blog, Laurent.

    I'm not quoting you as my my source because your blog is now listed in my "blogs of the month" section, and people would either believe that you're paying me for this or that you own BOTH blogs, using 'another country' to blog at a lower level, so to speak, and thus gain access to a wider audience (for whatever obscure but financially rewarding and/or intrinsically flawed reason)...
    I'll return the borrowed pic as soon as I'm finished. Promised.

  2. If one had to choose, I'd say you did well. But to accept your logic, judging by the rate of theft I commit, people must think I also produce Little Augury and the works of Valéry Lorenzo. Not that they shouldn't, need I say. By the way, I warn you, people who flatter this blog learn to regret it. :)

  3. The Internet is a jungle where only the strongest survive (sounds like a quote from Calvin & Hobbes)... :)