Thursday, June 30, 2011

In which we offer to make up for lost time with painting

A greatly unintended shortcoming in our greeting to the reader of this page has lately been brought home to us with the sweetest of remonstrances. Inadvertently, we have succumbed to a recourse to photography more often than to painting; and so we are hoping that a long weekend's indenture to the elevations of needy edifices in Provincetown would afford the revivification and adjustment which lie at the heart of any wise correction. If the discourse of our postings should turn salty in that time, the effect is sure to dissipate as we return to Virginia, and must be attributed to the native salinity of the setting.

Michael Cunningham
Land's End
  A Walk through Provincetown
Random House, 2002©


  1. Madame, my T-shirt is revealed! "It's OK w LA"

    You can't KNOW what this will mean to the success of this rehabilitation.