Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The markets are up

And don't think for a moment, that Whit and I are not positively squirming with delecta-tion of our dividends' new biscuit, even as we speak above the smog and trauma of Syntagma Square. That said, we do have only this one caveat to suggest, to our benefactors in all the Bourses of this world. 
Why, when you're shoving nightsticks down the throat of real people, of impertinent opinions, suffering real deprivation that we all know very well is good for them, teaching them a lesson their shabby morals deserve, don't you close your damned exchanges for the day, and rake us all the winnings of our hedgings on the morrow?
You know? We could wait 'til breakfast, and send your shady croupier a tip, even now.

Athens today
  The New York Times

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