Sunday, June 26, 2011

Within limits ii

A little play inspired by conversation at an imaginary lunch with Terestchenko and Valéry Lorenzo, on the seeing of limits. One steals recurringly from each of them, and one hopefully always will. 

When I asked them to illustrate the phrase, within limits, they proved that it couldn't be done except as a diptych. Terestchenko insisted that this requires depicting a nullity, to show a limit on the vision we know exists but are unable to use. Valéry argued for portraying the limit in the limit, itself, without showing it. It was only later, I realised I'd been rather sociably taken in, with each of them anticipating and speaking out for the other, as a fellow might do at lunch.

The boy will not run into a wall; he will continue, the wall is finished. And a good thing, too, because we needed more wine.

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