Sunday, July 31, 2011

See how appropriate he looks, without the offending article?

It's certainly not for us to judge, if we are protected sufficiently from the scourge of in-decency on the internet. We can never be too vigilant against the terrifying detail of masculine representation. For all we know, to many, a cocky '50s roll of the T sleeve is such a spark of delinquent nostalgia, as to activate sleeper cells of Tea Party fanatics as we speak. But can anyone win? We do our best to suppress unease in our own page, only to risk insult to redneck eschatology.

Who is safe, then, in the empire of divine madness? Certainly not the censor of sex appeal by M-16, and equally not the opponent of homicide by the untrammeled promotion of addiction. That leaves only the conscientious objector to human life immune from the new hysteria, as who could have supposed? 

A bunch of bankers have been sitting around, thriving on their pack of Know-Nothings, assuming they could be sharecroppered into docility as always. Today, we read, Morgan Stanley actually feels uneasy. Oh, Jamie Dimon, say it ain't so!

i    Dominic Juneau
iii  Nicholas Hoult


  1. Lolz! You're sweet, but like your sister, Little Augury, beyond pretentious, and now, fast becoming comical. Don't try so damn hard! Referencing the 'Tea Party' and 'rednecks'?! Really?! Someone needs to get laid, asap! And remember, always watch your #teeth!

  2. I'm disappointed in the recklessness of the disposition which would advance a remark of such striking verbatim repetition of the last insult published at this page, untraceably again, and relying on the ignominy of insulting an independent blogger as intimidation against publishing it. I naturally presented this comment to Little Augury with the advice that I intended to publish it, without allowing the name of that blog to appear. I was requested to publish it entirely, to aid in the exposure of its cowardice, irrelevancy, and frivolous cruelty. This reference, then, may be taken as a response to any other blog's being implicated in a complaint issued to this one. My response to this criticism will follow in a subsequent posting.