Friday, August 5, 2011

Goya for Friday

Valéry Lorenzo

".. not just because
Toulouse has won at rugby .."

ii Valéry Lorenzo


  1. :-)))))
    That's only what Toulouse can do !

  2. Still, Valéry, a home team will bring others, no?

  3. Toulouse had more talent than that?

  4. Dear David, I think VL meant the city, not the painter. Still, a talent to win is not such a bad quality?

    JtB, I fear the evidence that it's Friday already at this page, is mounting. Your tolerance is much appreciated.

  5. The painter Toulouse-Lautrec, it can be confused for the main reason that
    Lautrec was from Albi (near Toulouse).
    However St Exupéry took off from Toulouse to join the Senegal aboard his plane that is also a specialty of the region with sausage from... Toulouse.
    Therefore Toulouse= Rugby = Airbus= Sausage = yours truly !
    (With attention to improve some pain while passing a little ointment)

    Thank you Sir for your "hommage" once again.

  6. Proof positive, Valéry, that one cannot know one's France well enough - without seasoned scholar-subjects such as yourself to guide one to the furthest reaches of delectation, with or without the aioli.