Friday, August 5, 2011

Uh oh

seems we have a
new coxswain ..

They do this, you know,
to build competition for
1st boat.
Coaches are so naughty.


  1. I won't say it twice, I won't say it thrice. I will say it once, although in two syllables: GOR-GEOUS!

  2. You are always aware of the latest hottie around laurent :) Weber is quite a photographer...
    Let me tell a little story... I have a younger colleague (I am 23) who has recently turned 21... and since abercrombie has opened on the Champs-Elysées here in Paris, all the youngsters are rushing in there... there is ALWAYS that interminable queue to get in... as a friend of mine is used to saying: "this is soooo Disneyland!"
    And that colleague of mine has been approached by a staff manager there, and offered him a job as a model...
    So you see what kind of guy he must be...

    I can tell you... I've never seen such self-absorbed, narcissict, self-centered cocky guy...

    I am so bored of this guy at the point of telling myself, the day I saw this post about this latest A&F model photographed by Weber, that all those less-than-20-year-old boy models must all be like him. the kind people might like look at... but as soon as they talk... oooh, "please get back to just being beautiful and shut up!" , as we say "Fais le beau et tais-toi!"

    Just saying... :)

  3. Dear Franck, Do you really think so? Oh, my; and here I thought I knew of everyone who'd be ahead of me for stroke. Trade you 2 followers and a day of silence if you'll reconsider.

  4. Just saying is a start, Joss; we can work this out. First of all, your list of character traits is such a golden CV for a coxswain that I urge you to ship your pal to the next Henley regatta, and that will be that.

    Second of all, although Weber has photographed him, this is a Feng portrait. I will not say, whether I have photographed him.

    Third, the rest of your note is so deliciously authentic that you'd excuse me, I hope and beg, if I were to delay an answer for a fortnight of revelry in what it conjures from one's own past. But I stray. There is the excruciating sensitivity to the relevance of 24 months -- this, alone, is worth your documenting, yourself, for when 24 years tend to pale in memory, much less in significance. There is the objection to the discovery of your tastes by the masses; oh, let me count the times, I've been horrified by the sight of Congressional subalterns in Hermès. And if heaven has held the slightest quota of compassion for us in reserve, let these drop dead beneficiaries of genetic royal flushes play their hand with the dignity we expect of their entitlements, which (as you are so correct to imply) count you, somewhere among them.

    Now, then, the "speech issue." I don't suppose you'd be consoled to know that each gender holds this opinion of the other's limitations, even (may I say) at the pinnacle of their respective photogenesis. But why should this not be so, as the pathetic forelock is what we are all trained to respect, for the excuses it bought so copiously for us, before we could conjugate almost anything in the future imperfect? I know this doesn't make it easier to accept babytalk from your seatmate at the Opera, but you don't need to go to Parsifal. You can do Hansel & G, and get home a heck of a lot earlier. Would I be wrong to suppose this might be counted as an advantage?