Sunday, August 28, 2011

Does trapezius' hollow drain along the clavicle trench

We can admit, we don't remember how the bath's abdominal displacement framed the water with parentheses, but pooled somewhat more randomly at the sternum of which we've heard. Residual dapples at the throat or at the breast, innocuously scattered distributions, were on their own to find a likely channel or evaporate without remark. Siblings and spouses, parents and friends, classmates and cousins don't remember - and they'd like to, it would seem fitting - as all now mark the long-lost instant when they could have seized that one impartial fact they might contribute from their store of secret trifles. Does trapezius' hollow drain along the clavicle trench, or flush the breathy pillow as it sinks.


          Solid things dissolve,
          and vapours ape

          You sensed him near you
          just now, but that's
          more like a nettle to
          the touch; and on your
          left Joe Donkin walked,
          where only weeds stir 
          to the night-gusts if
          you feel with your hand. 

David Michael Jones
1895 - 1974
In Parenthesis
  seinnyessit e gledyf ym
  penn mameu
Edited and published
  by T.S. Eliot at Faber
New York Review Books, 2003©


  1. you blog excites al the senses mind body and soul

  2. Dear Lucien, possibly you are the victim of a harmless case of Beginner's Luck, but I thank you for confiding this impression.


    I'm not so happy with this posting as I'd like to be. I don't mind what I wrote and I don't feel I've failed Jones in the passages I cite (not widely separated in the text). I did not develop its relationship with previous postings under "going in above the clavicle" (see the search engine), and I should have done this. I rely too much here on readers' having seen the whole blog. I have not solved how to deal with this unfounded assumption.

    Welcome to red mug, blue linen.

  3. the welcome mat at your door was warm and invited me in ; and it it good to be home

  4. So you may say now, but we're hoping for a puppy in Winter.