Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On the Virginia Governor's graduate thesis, at age 34

For Poesy! no, she has not a joy,

At least for me, so sweet as drowsy noons,

And evenings steep'd in honied indolence;

O, for an age so shelter'd from annoy,

That I may never know how change the moons,

Or hear the voice of busy common-sense!

Brooks Brothers was established in 1818 and in the following year, John Keats came out with his disgusting Ode on Indolence. I see this cause and effect, right away, now that my mind has been bathed clean in the investigative methodology of Pat Robertson's academy; and soon we entered the depraved Age of Jackson, whence, need I say, all golly heck broke loose and our gummint in Washington has been a fornicators' tyranny ever since, which began with his unconstitutional assertion of national control over our currency, itself an obscene publication, 

from the sacred entrepreneurship of Nick Biddle, who was not really that snooty, all because this fancy kind of boy was drowsying in bed and, as you can always tell with that kind, far from alone, it hurts my soul to report, or what was all that honey about, I would like to know, because the Lord calls upon his pure and shining servants to be brave in these matters and unashamed to jive about our beliefs and intentions, so we can hold office in this sinful world, and let good people do what has to be done about these honeyboys.

I take it, mon cher Auguste, that on the discovery of this manifesto, his defense was to call it, spurious?

Mais non, Hercule. He confided that these had been his beliefs, in the infancy of his recent 30s, but in the alternative, like the late Chancellor assuring Hindenberg of his gentleness in the use of emergency powers, promised to be benign, admitting that he does so need to exercise power over others, that he trusted he could be excused an endeavour to be popular.

John Keats
Ode on Indolence

i, iii, iv, v  Thibault Oberlin

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  1. I have just spent a chunk of time drawing at the National Portrait Gallery, and am thus prompted to ask if you think you couldn't have found a more up-to-date portrait of Andrew Jackson for this posting. I do see the resemblance in coiffure (boy #3), but I happen to know that he never would have worn a collar-less jacket without a "four in hand". Just sayin'.