Sunday, November 27, 2011

A comfy T, boxers, and a web chair in Sausalito

I forget where I sourced
this portrait, but I'm
very grateful. This is
so Sausalito, it stinks.
My Alfa's in the garage,
and I want to get to it.
My English Cocker's yawn-
ing, and not from fatigue.

But I have a book review
to write for Pacific Sun,
and I liked what I read.
We did it this way, an-
alogue writing, chomp 
by chomp; lots of rip-
ping out from the plat-
en, starting over. We
forgot the time. It's
harder to get it down
right when it's hot;
but would it be per-
missible, to say so.
The guy who wrote on
Hiroshima for The New
Yorker later wrote, My
Petition for More Space.

Here Mother you may
hab this, I wrote in
crayon on a paper nap-
kin once, and taped a
nickel to it. Bruce
Chatwin put it best -
What am I doing here?


Ellsworth Kelly
Untitled, oil on canvas

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