Friday, December 2, 2011

"I don't get angry, Mr Gittes. My lawyer .. does. "

  Even if you'd rather steer clear
  of Mrs Hollis Mulwray, on advice
  of counsel, Evelyn cabriolets
  about LA with her own in tow,
  with a satchelful of subpoenas.
  This is not that gentleman, but
  an uncharacteristic glower; and
  I don't know why, but he seems
  not to have mastered her tech-
  niques for facial serenity. In
  another 400 years, timed to co-
  incide with Charley Kane's be-
  ing wiped out (at the rate his
  newspapers are losing money) he
  will probably acquire a telling 
  wrinkle. We should then be sad.
  The law was plainly not for him.


                            Funny, how that works.
                            Time of life, that sort
                            of thing.


Robert Towne, screenplay
Paramount, 1974©

Jeremy Young

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