Friday, February 10, 2012

Anywhere, it can be almost time for lunch in France

for her

Mathieu is struggling with the milk
bottle, which refuses to open. At
last with a determined punch of the
thumb he pierces the top and causes
the milk to gush forth. 

'Ah, merde! My eye!' Mathieu ex-
claims, bespattered with milk.

Franck imperturbably butters a
slice of bread and urges his broth-
er to do likewise. Then he gulps
down a glass of chocolate milk, 
prepared by himself, and states


I had the pleasure, earlier today, to be in correspondence with a lady in France, when I noticed that the hour was approaching over there for lunch. It seems to me that it must only lift the heart, anywhere, to sense this sudden glimpse of highest sweetness.


François Truffaut
Livre de poche
Small Change:
  A film novel
Anselm Hollo 
Grove Press, 1976©