Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday commute liv: finding a stonecutter

I have a young-ish friend who's wandering around the world, as I think I've reported already, investigating where materials for buildings can be found. He wrote in, not long ago, on a bouncy little rail jaunt he took to Carrara. And yet, among all our media of transit, surely this must be among the more immune to the bounce? But it's a funny thing, the prophetic effect of the sociable intervention of a note. It can affect one's perceptions for the long-ishest time. In the present portrait, I'd been convinced of discovering a stonecutter. It turns out, if you care to open the file, that this is not what the stonecutter is doing. And yet, underlying my sense that I'd found a stonecutter, must have been some expectation that he might pursue a range of interests. Yes? Such is the burden of proof at Guantánamo, still. This minute.

Philippe Sands
Lawless World
Viking, 2005©

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