Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday tasting note



                                      the aroma of fermenta-
                                      tions in the soil, pos-
                                      sibly involving apples;
                                      a ripening suspension
                                      in the consciousness at
                                      the same time, a warmth
                                      rising in memory and in


  1. Imagine walking on the soil when the snow just disappeared - soon here

  2. Apples & Oatmeal. Perfect combination. Hold the maple syrup if you must.

  3. Ah, I've just come back from a sunrise walk in a nearby vineyard with Whit and I'm glad to open the computer with both your greetings, Linnea and Daniel, for my mug of coffee. In the lower mid-Atlantic, Linnea, we have more than one snow-melt per season and these percolations keep our ground rather rich. Not quite so lavish as apples & oatmeal, Daniel, but tending toward more lusciousness than one might expect, so the reference is doubly apt. Thank you both for visiting but now I realise I did not brew enough coffee ~

  4. I have been adding Kefir and Lingonberry to my oatmeal. Now as for wine, I will have some later today. But what for dinner? I am thinking mushroom stroganoff (via this great book: , which I have been using almost daily!) and pork chops. Last night I made Salmon Avocado Sushi along with a Salmon, Scallion, Cilantro, Rice Cake; Sheetland Salmon from a few night's ago when I made Mustard Glazed salmon with a Lingonberry sauce. But now I must say goodbye as I have an 11:00 appointment to shoot a portrait of my ex's husband for his new book!

  5. Very well, Bruce, but please check in after the shoot because I'm thinking we may be running low on salmon. One can't be too careful about Monday lunch, yes?