Friday, March 2, 2012

Imagine, one had assumed the obligation

Parents have asked friends of theirs
down for the weekend, and you are ex-
pected to entertain their get. You 
have accepted a commission to sketch
someone's offspring, and in he walks.
You are at Betty Comilfaux's for a
meeting on preserving the Art Deco 
tiles in the town swimming pool, and 
the gardener wanders in for the rake.
There's been a general bombardment in 
the neighbourhood and you have to bil-
let your share of the homeless.

Oh, I know. These things happen.

And why. Why, you ask, were you not
told. Now you know how Dickie Hakluyt
felt, finding beavers at 2 shillings
a nod, in the New World. What, you
very reasonably ask, is a coup de
foudre doing, to intervene so peremp-
torily in your orderly existence?

Oh, my dear Dickie. It just doesn't

Jacob Riley x Tassos

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