Monday, April 16, 2012

A blog like this

A blog like this, of high periodic absorption and proportionately low public interactivity, is not a setting for a casual resort to personal privilege. That said, for the past 5 weeks the production of the blog has been taking place under incongruous physical and pharmaceutical distractions of a frustratingly lingering nature, and has proceeded more or less as if they were not present. They happen to be relevant, and it isn't in their nature to abate sud-denly. I have determined, therefore, to adopt a pub-lishing schedule more consistent with occurrences of diminished distraction, to what is hoped may be general approval.

Readers of any special needs - being Jeremy Young, not being Jeremy Young, living with the United States - should not hesitate to let them be known to the undersigned. Fine things have been done, in certain instances.


Meanwhile, we shall
always have coffee.


  1. Or tea, to be sure. Your assurance happened to arrive during a work-in-progress, with only the first paragraph in place. Should you wish to amend, extend, or withdraw this comment, please do not hesitate to let me know! Meanwhile, we shall always have .. a well intended wink.

    1. Tremendously affecting and well timed intervention in our proceedings here, Linnea; my eye captured the blinking green light of your comment in my telephone in the middle of a strenuous evening, and it was a delight to tap the "publish" link and restore myself to rest. Now that Whit and I are awake to post a reply, it comes from a refreshing tour of our flower beds at dawn, to report that the ground keeps pushing up miracles to supervene in the same way.

  2. multiple pics of Jeremy Young = percolation :)

  3. Who's that shirtless guy?