Saturday, August 24, 2013

Of fairness to Tiger, and other Saturday concerns

    I keep meaning to remember
    not to get behind the wheel
    for a broadcast of All Things
    Considered, and I've become
    pretty good at it, if I may
    say. We're well trained, in
    our countryside, by the land-
    scape's interception of their
    local affiliate's already tep-
    id signal; but every now and
    again, an inadvertent tap on
    the wrong knob - in a sudden
    rainshower, say - will expose
    this resolution to serious ac-
    cident. So it was, yesterday,
    when an earnest commentator
    was urging fairness for Tiger.
    It went something like this:

Sure, the packaged god of our parasitic consumptions had fallen on ambiguous times, in the four tournaments of the year which rise to public awareness; but he remains, after all, still the unreasonably unapproachable leader by nature's neutral benchmark, the amassing of raw cash. Oughtn't indignation, then, with his treacherous fallibility be tempered by our universal instinct for gathering, per se? How soon we all seem to forget, this sermon ran, the underlying anxiety to exceed necessity in possession, upon which our nobler competitions are so pervasively structured.

 I admit, a Wüsthovian  tang so tapered to my  grasp, as if I'd for-  gotten the reward of a  well-tempered blade.

Anyone, I then reflected, could admire a pretty tree. Anyone could be grateful for a prettily chopped chive. But the malegloriously chopped chive must be reserved, we presume, for the vaingloriously knived; and who can enjoy his rapport with the tree, so well as by its engrossment? I hadn't meant to contemplate these exorbitant parameters, as I hopped into the car to join a few friends for a jereboam at a trusted cave. More impertinent nuisance of radio. And a good thing it is, these days, to have touchscreens we can swipe, to suit our exacting standards for existence as it ought to be.

iii  Damascene curiosity
iv   Urban villa

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