Friday, December 20, 2013

Oh, no ketchup, please

  Lucky thing, he didn't
  text this. Can you im-
  agine, letting the NSA
  know how to tease you?
  That truly would carry
  bigbrotherhood too far.


  1. I enjoy a little ketchup now and then, but fortunately my consumption pattern is difficult to decipher.

    1. I envy your cunning, but you raise (as I think, you know) an interesting question, as to whether a sporadic and random or other inconsistent style of ketchuptreasuring represents a triumph over invasion or a capitulation to its domination. I would guess one could say, the secret is to value nothing terribly much, but of course we are not discussing only tangibles, but friends we'd be mad to call more than once, or indeed, telephones we'd be mad to use more than once, much less anywhere near home. Still, there are other reasons to introduce the wit of unpredictability into one's dabbling in ketchup, for at least the minor little riddle that it affords our bureaucratic monitors, so accustomed to the addiction inherent in their voraciousness.

      But now you've given me an interesting Saturday of mental challenges, and I'm not sure I should be grateful for that. :)