Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pray for sunshine, and some peace

     Given any weather 
     someone's candy's 
     gonna run.


  It is to the strength of     this amazing invention we     are to attribute that         unequal'd fire and rapture,   which is so forcible, that   no man of a true poetical     spirit is master of himself   while he reads him. 

     On its face, it seems
     unseasonable this week 
     for one to be remember-
     ing the poem of force,
     as Simone Weil so ex-
     actly saw it, even as
     its most radiant heir
     recited it in English,
     capturing the distur-
     bance, say, the shock
     and awe of genius.

     I make allowances for
     the best, or what are
     holiday wishes worth?
     Peace will never seem
     more perfect, than in
     this recorded absence.

Alexander Pope
  The Iliad of Homer
  Alexander Pope,
June 6, 1715
Penguin Classics, 1996©

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