Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday commute xcvii: Gérard goes underground

  Not since his all-nighter 
  in the loading dock of the 
  Pierre Hotel has Gérard so 
  mystified us, as when he ac-
  cepted a chum's invitation 
  to spend Christmas at Guan-
  tánamo, that exclusive thumb
  of Cuba where our very most         distinguished guests are dom-
  iciled, their distance from 
  our shores renewed in this 
  week's shining Budget Deal, 
  hailed far and wide as the 
  very model, given the alter-
  native, of how to govern.
  And we thought Cromwell's
  New Model Army was austere.
  Probably ours is hiring?

But now, already Gérard succumbs to a whiff of good cop/bad cop conster-nation, such as can beset the best of us, subjected to any instrumentality of protection by our State, whence now and then he ventures to the infir-mary, taking counsel with Abdulaziz, who'd just graduated from Riyadh when we brought him to our beach.

That was 12 years ago.
Here is what he told Gérard:

  Praise God, who placed
  a garden and an orchard
  in my bosom

  so they will be with me

I Shall Not Complain
Marc Falkoff, editor
op. cit.

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