Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saturday commute xcviii: foraging abroad

   I was in great health and 
   and spirits, and fully ab-
   le to enter into the ideas
   of the brave, rude men whom 
   I found in all quarters.


      It was just being
      for a little while
      one of the prisca
      gens mortalium,
      who ran about in
      the woods eating
      acorns and drink-
      ing water.                         

James Boswell
The Yale Editions of
  the Private Papers
  of James Boswell
Frank Brady and
  Frederick A. Pottle, editors
Boswell on the Grand Tour
  Italy, Corsica, and France
  1765 - 1766
McGraw-Hill, 1955©

 ii, 2

Hamish Quigley
Max Motta

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