Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"Then there are these accidents to consider .."

To learn hunger, if
well fed, would give
us Flaubert, I think.
Not a bad idea. But
it also gives us what
claims to be called,
taste. How to hunger,
as if unfed, gives us

was one generation re-
moved from slavery, by
his father's manumis-
sion; and spent a wary 
life in the munificent 
patronage of Maecenas.

say, another taste to 
everything. We see a
clean white shirt and
accept it as a custom.

Horace saw white and
knew his hunger. At
Nasiedienus' feast,
the tapestries all
fell with black vol-
canic dust. Off we ran, 
taking our revenge on 
him by tasting nothing


Satires and Epistles
  Satires II, viii
John Davie, translation
op. cit.


  1. Like to send you my warmest good wishes for a very MERRY CHRISTMAS
    and a healthy and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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    1. I take the liberty of publishing your greeting because I am delighted by the kindness and, naturally, famished especially by transmittals from the Périgord. I certainly do heartily admire LaPouyette. Amitiés, L