Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Not leaving without her

   Why is Tatiana, then, more guilty?
   Is it because in dear simplicity
   she does not know deceit
   and in her chosen dream believes?
   Is it because she loves without art,
   obedient to the bent of feeling?
   Because she is so trustful,
   because by heaven is endowed
   with a restless imagination,
   intelligence, and live will,
   and headstrongness,
   and a flaming and tender heart?
   Can it be that you won't forgive her
   the thoughtlessness of passions?

Aleksandr Pushkin
Eugene Onegin
  A Novel in Verse
  Chapter three, xxiv
Vladimir Nabokov
Bollingen Series LXXII
Princeton University Press, 1975©

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  1. A correspondent took time to take me to task for resorting to this translation. I post this information to concede that I'm aware of everyone's concern, but that I think editorial corrections can never really erase the underlying offense. On the other hand I am glad, I have to say, that nobody wrote in to denounce the sentiment. It must have been Christmas.