Monday, June 9, 2014

Life after Floris, and other intimate insults

 Our crossroads' Floris merchant
 has gone belly-up, and this in-
 volves waiting for some chum to
 visit Jermyn Street to ship one
 a stash of 89. Yet an amenity a-
 lienated is one thing, its erad-
 ication is another; and the cor-
 rupt French behemoth that swal-
 lowed Kiehl's has suddenly quit
 producing the washing milk and
 sport shampoo we've relied up-
 on for decades. I don't materi-
 ally care what this must mean
 for the decline of human tis-
 sue, generally, but I do take
 umbrage at a whittling of stan-
 dards for lack of any learning.

 Isn't this the tone to take?

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