Thursday, June 12, 2014

Virginians tip the hand of the Falange

  Our nativist tendency is not
  more elaborate than a galant
  reduction of feudalism's ideo-
  logy hoisted as a middle class 
  fist, a way of play-acting the
  part of the cavalier with the
  indignation of the zealot and
  the vengeance of the impotent. 
  We never had confidence in our
  candy-cravated cosmopolitan
  in Congress, and the other day
  our 7th Virginian District de-
  fenestrated him to loud huzzahs
  and the mortified awe of aliens.

  You've seen us; if it weren't
  our sacred business, our mis-
  sion to debauch ourselves in
  aggravation since the crushing
  of delight at Appomattox Court-
  House, you'd believe our threat
  to rise again. All we really
  wish to do is party in our way.

  Don't cry for us, Barcelona.

iii  Xavier Miserachs

Gerald Brenan
The Spanish Labyrinth
  An Account of the Social
  and Political Background
  of the Civil War
Cambridge University Press, 1943©

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