Friday, June 13, 2014

Suppose it were Friday xcvii: relief of the effortless posture

At your blog, are you beleaguered
by portrait submittals of dubious
narrative clarity? Did you notice,
yesterday, how only the deposition
of a malicious cynic by an exuber-
ant zombie, in Virginia's 7th Dis-
trict, furnished narrative explan-
ation of the fetid armpits flaunt-
ed in the first portrait, the ug-
ly puerile fist in the second? Et
in arcadia ego. Accordingly, when
a portrait hauls itself over the
transom of objection here, of pos-
ture of immediate narrative and psy-
chological clarity, it sponsors its 
own celebration, rather in the spir-
it of Friday as we would welcome it. 

We note an ease in the cut-offs, re-
inforcing the unforced concentration;
an absence of vanity in the negligent
haircut, as signals of sympathy with
the tone of things as they ought to
be. Whether your blog is published,
or compiled only internally, the
effortless posture evokes an ideal,
if not of a beginning, then an end
to its impediment.


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