Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Distribution of justice in Alabama

The New York Times, in the midst
of an absolutely torrid exposé
of suspect foreign dislocation
of the New York residential mar-
ket, happened to publish the map
of Alabama twice today, once to
show the concentration of lynch-
ings in that jurisdiction from
1877 to 1950, to pluck a couple
of dates arbitrarily from the
air, above; and again, to show
the concentration of resistance
to marriage equality there, now
much in defiance of the highest
Court in the nation, below. As
one mightn't suspect, the white
spaces represent lawful conduct.

These maps show Alabama not to
be a concentration camp, but al-
so not a place of coincidence.
Where African-Americans are nu-
merous, the struggle succeeds.

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