Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Nasty distraction? Kansas resumes discrimination

The Topeka Capital-Journal re-
ports that one of the Right's
most notably vitriolic rhetor-
icians, in his Senate days, is
in a bind as Governor of Kansas
over horrific failures in his
management of the State budget.
He is, in a word, unpopular.

Right-ho. Time to kick a few 
fairies. He has just rescinded
an 8-year standing Executive Or-
der against employment discrim-
ination in Kansas, on the basis
of sexual orientation, on the
puerile fratboy excuse of avoid-
ing creating a "special class."
Again, we watch a neutral term
of law, perverted by a lawless

Discrimination is what creates
the special class. Not even a
Governor can govern around that,
and there is a mountain of Con-
stitutional law to tell him so.
But that's always been the spe-
cial charm of the miscognomen,
"orientation," hasn't it: all
you need, to kick a fairy, is 
your "orienation." Yet, now, 
the Governor does us all a ser-
vice by illuminating the iro-
ny, that marriage is far from
the end of it.

We've observed before, how mem-
bers of that Party, only, wake
up every day and wonder, whom
can I hurt today? Usually, it's
a foreign nation, a female in
the workforce, a collegian on
a Pell grant, a non-white try-
ing to vote. But the fairies
remain so delectable, so tempt-
ing, so alluringly available
for schadenfreude, this Party
has single-handedly preserved
them as a Class, against the
irreversible fact of their as-
similation in society without

Now, tomorrow, if no one from
his sect objects, I'd like to
resume our play, thanks very
much. And may Kansas survive
her Governor's licentiousness.

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