Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The way you wear your hat

   the way you
   sip your tea   

   to feel one's
   place, to know
   one's landing,
   to observe how
   to make it sof-
   ter, and to be-
   lieve we shall

   we ride cables
   that have sung
   we're coming -

   over and over.


iii  Laurent Albucher

George Gershwin
Shall We Dance
  They Can't Take
  that Away from Me
op. post. 


  1. Then where does a gentlemen dine?

  2. And here I had feared, the posting on Bob Dylan of last Monday (Living in the time of song) would invite that inquiry, for confessing dining away from home, alone. A lunchbox on the cable car, to activate the digestive juices. Happy to show you how it's done, sometime!