Saturday, May 23, 2015

Erin go bragh!


  He came back to the sofa. He lifted
  MacMurrough's wine and silently gave
  it into his hand. They listened to
  the night sounds through the window,
  while the mood recouped, repossessed

  "MacEmm, can I ask you? I don't know
  does it mean .. does it mean any-
  thing with marrying, MacEmm? Doyler 
  and me..

  I don't know, you see..

  I never thought of it before and   then I wondered, is it this way     
  you'd be with a wife? You see, I
  don't know."

                "MacEmm, you haven't brought this
                from England with you, you know.
                It was here anyway. I wasn't the
                first in the Crock's Garden and I
                doubt I'll be the last. I'm sorry
                for the soldier for I doubt I was
                much comfort to him and I hope he
                found better joy where he went.
                But you know I wouldn't live that
                way. It will be different, won't

                "I hope it will, my dear."

Jamie O'Neill
op. cit.
Scribner, 2001©

i      Charlotte Hedley©
iii   The New York Times©

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