Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Margaretta Fitler Murphy Rockefeller

My memory of this lady began
when I was a young boy, an
exceedingly unprecocious ad-
olescent by today's standard.
I remember her with spontan-
eous fondness, because she
was so pretty, frankly, yet
another retrograde symptom
I'm unlikely to shirk. And
I was aware of the "turmoil"
over her marriage to the Gov-
ernor of New York. I recall,
very clearly, that I did not 
share in that judgment. Even
then, I supposed I was sup-
posed, to feel threatened by 
a betrayal of children, even
if I was not yet in any posi-
tion to denounce her on other 
"moral" grounds.

I just knew enough then, to
be certain that custodians of 
children should love each oth-
er, and not demand the same 
from the innocents. In this
way they discover and believe
in beauty, and whether they
discover it or not, in love.

Margaretta Fitler
  at Shipley, ca 1942

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