Saturday, May 23, 2015

Shall we have Gail Collins or lose this day after all

    Like you, I'll do anything
    to avoid one of our Satur-
    day commute postings, but
    I was prepared to go ahead
    with a blithely nautical
    entry, albeit under penal-
    ty of enlistment. We late-
    ly saw a reader encouraging
    the page to continue our
    also to invent a few lines;
    and if one can't say some-
    thing nice about a sailor,
    it would smack of tarring
    him with the brush we re-
    serve for his uses.

    What I think we all like a-
    bout our modern writers is
    that they don't make us re-
    member very far back. This
    defies Fitzgerald's Law of
    Second Chances, but it ex-
    plains our wars to a T, not 
    to mention our zombies of
    Presidential aspirations.

    One could go on in this
    vein, but to deny readers
    Collins' tracking of such
    an aspirant with his may-
    onnaise jar, groveling
    for a flag to wrap him-
    self in in Iowa, would
    contradict the spirit of
    the Saturday commute. 

    Is there still a Scott
    Walker, we must ask; and
    if so, why?

Gail Collins
Rush to Judgment
The New York Times
22 May 2015©

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