Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Origins of Wednesday xvii: Calling names

Mythologically, the history of 
our people is of one emergence 
after another, of those we force 
underground. Our law, the story 
goes, is continuously informed by 
their genius for caring for each 
other. But this proposition of the 
benignly glassy sea is only missing 
the ingredient of turmoil to preci-
pitate these turns. One arbiter af-
ter the next is allowed, thereby, 
to muse on whether there has been 
enough turmoil, to retire exhausted 
law. Read our pages. We are not a
people who will ever be exhausted 

But there is another strand in this, 
which no one can deny, who lives in 
any republic, anywhere. It is that  
we are peoples who are responsible 
for how our laws behave, or can not 
bear responsibility for ourselves. 
It is the rôle of our institutions 
not merely to allow this to happen, 
laws resemble us, but unless they 
are wise, humane - what we call, 
just - we cannot resemble them. In 
every discernible cycle of submer-
gence and ascent, we come to recog-
nize the decrepitude of mistake, 
oversight, or worse, and direct our-
selves toward its remedy. Here we 

The great fortune of this nation is 
to have bred a people prepared to see 
that it is fair, even if we never saw 
coming, from every family here, an o-
versight announcing its own name. 

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