Friday, June 26, 2015

Somebody asked, if I'd "saved a bottle for this"

   An amiable expectation in my
   friend's inquiry is not to be
   rejected for its shallowness,
   which after all is the plane
   of convenience on which most
   of the people I've known dis-
   pose of, say, winning Amer-
   ica's Cup or beating Harvard.

   I'm not dining at all, this
   evening, for what could one
   "order" to observe a water-
   shed like this, which could
   never hope to discover par-
   ity in consumption? Justice
   Kennedy, himself, remarked
   on behalf of the Court, how
   injustice sometimes isn't 
   seen in its own time*; I
   am certainly astounded to
   observe the truth of that,
   in the profound sense of a
   weight being lifted that I
   only dimly sensed, myself.

   This is a day to be consec-
   rated to the immensity of
   being alive and aware of it
   in one's own time. St Émil-
   ion would be the first to
   understand. My feasts have
   been generous, memorable.
   Now I have the vantage of
   an altered state, and not
   merely my own, yet even
   mine as well**. 

Obergefell v. Hodges
June 26, 2015

* Cf., Origins of Wednesday xvii
June 24, 2015

** Cf., The leaf
June 25, 2015


  1. "The ultimate resort of taste is peace"

  2. It is always a nuisance to have one's words quoted back to one, as much when the academic year is over, as when, at its high tide, the need to beat Harvard is thrust upon us. But yes, in Summer, I'll agree with you/me/it. Enjoy the season.