Friday, June 26, 2015

Something in the way he looks

I have long had the im-
pression that the agony
of Tea Party Republic-
anism owes a great deal
to something in the way
the President looks.

We saw this again yes-
terday, from Scalia's
unscathingly juvenile
attack on his Court,
to Boehner to John El-
lis Bush. This thread-
bare, recklessly il-
legitimate and extrem-
ist reaction relies,
incontestably at last,
on something that re-
wards it, and eagerly
absolves every tirade
of hysterical casuist-
ry with unctuous pro-
tests of innocence: an 
anger with his looks.

Is it his infuriating
calm, his outrageous
ease with being grown?

God, how humiliating.

King v. Burwell

Bruce Weber

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