Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Can one belong to someone else's poetry?

A. To whom else.
B. At what time.
C. Tell me more.
D. All of above.

     It then seemed to work out all right.
             I put a comment in your glass, we
             were a pair somehow.
             It showed on the scoreboard,
             then we were at a loss for the night. You know
             how with some things you just let go, well
             that was one of those times.
     Go out in the store and paint it. It hurts.
             Add to the light, a feverish, new vexation
             now become part of time

             and all it grazes.

John Ashbery
  New Poems
  [final verses]
Harper Collins/Ecco, 2009©

Maya Lin


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