Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Once more into the bleach?

Mrs Clinton, whose political activities continue to draw interest, is said to be looking forward to presenting remarks tomorrow on the international nuclear accord with Iran. On the same day, two rivals for the other Party's Presidential nomination also plan to cast a distinguishing light upon themselves, by denouncing the likely fail-ure of the same instrument, to "obliterate" Iran, an objective to which she, herself, famously gave voice when losing her campaign against the current President in 2008. 

Possibly we shall see if copyright applies to the public musings of a candidate scorned, but of greater interest here is whether they ever expire. Asking, as she is, to carry forward the implementation of this accord, people may wonder if she actually means to do it. They can expect her to be adamant again about something, therefore, and so these new remarks may well carry a thrilling, more than a nuanced definition, unless modulated by timeless ambiguities of statecraft -- a self-deflating anti-climax, on split-screen with Ted Cruz. Has she negligently entrapped American diplomacy in another pissing contest with the warmakers, or has she assimilated the genuine power of the quiet determination which produced this pact?

Her listeners will be attuned to a much deeper principle than sincerity. They will want to know if she can voice their inherent embodiment of the conduct of peace, and desist from abusing this virtue as shameful, this aspiration as naïve, this commitment as treacherous, and its triumph - no more than conditional, as it always is - as false. It is upon her comprehension of this arms accord that they will assess her credibility, not by vows to raise the wagers of Republicans. She is on the spot she asked for. The greatest light is ready for her close-up.

Gillian Laub
Tel Aviv, 2007

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