Sunday, September 6, 2015

Combed by moonlight

vine of

   If I could be a mirror
            you could see yourself in me,
   and I could see you always
            your essence and your beauty;
   if I could be a comb
            slowly, slowly I'd begin
   to part your hair,
            combing it again and again!
   If I were a little wind
            all of me would press
   against your breast
            blowing sweetly,
   and at last if I were sleep
            I would come at night
   to bind your sweet
            eyes in the dark.


Athanasios Christopoulous
1772  - 1847
Karen van Dyck
Peter Constantine, Rachel Hadas,
  Edmund Keeley, and Karen van Dyck
The Greek Poets
  Homer to the Present
Norton & Company, 2010©
op. cit.

Android photograph, Laurent
September, 2015

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