Thursday, June 30, 2016

Drive safely

Any moment, now, our lifeguards
of the roadways will be lectur-
ing us on the casualty rates in
the American approach to holi-
days. Leaving aside mechanical
mishap - not the wisest thing
to do, considering manufactur-
ers' rates of afterthinking the
devices they sell us - the risk
seems to lie in an approach to
destinations tending to suggest
an ambivalence toward arrival.
How often a bunker reveals this.

    Did one really want to play
    this course, anyway? How many
    of the tee's best drivers must
    have mulled the sobering ques-
    tion this month in Pennsylvania.
    I never like to ignore an Open
    at Oakmont; but I would equally
    seldom like to remember it for
    the Church Pews, ingenious if
    somewhat ostentatious penalty
    ports for poor driving, divid-
    ing the 3rd and 4th holes. They
    call to mind the wiser, more be-
    nign siren call of discretion as
    the finer point of holiday val-
    or, You can always crash here.

    To watch poor Trump's embarrass-
    ing unraveling in Scotland, hail-
    ing the misgovernance of impul-
    sive plebiscite as a personal
    advantage to him, was enough to
    to reinforce the dignity, even
    the comparatively noble vision, 
    of mastering where to flop.

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