Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Stonewall sempervirens

A friend of mine, to whom 
I dedicate this comment, 
reminded me this afternoon,
the 28th of June is Stone-
wall Day. He and I weren't
there; he says, he was in
hiding. I said, I'd not e-
ven learned what to hide.

National Park status is a
little premature, if that
is expected to acknowledge
the nation's embrace of a
setting. We say, This can't
happen again, at great per-
il of under-estimating the
inventiveness of prurience.

It now has a candidate for
the White House, who is so
discomfited by sex that he
can't stop discussing it -
inflaming its frustration,
and corrupting its energy.
We know how to be sad for
such a person. But then at
Stonewall, we found how not 
to be with him. 

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