Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Origins of Wednesday xxxi: Layers, every moment

   I don't wish to challenge the doc-
   trine of living in the moment as a
   recipe for some vitality of consci-
   ousness. I do wish to commemorate,
   on the other hand, the many layers
   of which one is conscious, in that
   consciousness, of diverse moments,
   occurring simultaneously. Notice a
   guy, exploiting a tablet in traver-
   sing a court, the shadow axis of a
   roofline of tiles meticulously con-
   tinuing the grouting in the bricks
   behind him, as shadow intersects a
   corner of his plinth, an arm exten-
   ded as if the conductor who he is,
   were orchestrating the light about
   him. How does he wish to progress?


   It's when one feels this way, that
   Summer's dispensation of time sug-
   tance to Marcel Proust. Yet, this,
   too, is but one consideration con-
   tending companionably in the mind,
   even as a harbinger, sometimes, of
   its antitheses' alluring elements.
   Besides, we've cited an engagement

   I don't mean to dispute the wisdom
   of living in the moment; I'd only,
   rather, propose living for all the
   moment's constituents. The moments
   teem with their appeals, roil with
   precious or capricious claims; and
   the genius of Summer is to sustain
   their percolation in our conscious-
   ness, every layer contributing its
   necessary suggestions to the score
   we know we are composing as we go.

   All this churns my obvious reverie
   as a pursuit of mussed time, as in
   all things, up to a point. If Sum-
   mer is not the essential splash of
   light upon this conduct, between 2
   axial shadows, of past and future,
   then I misunderstand the riches of
   living in the moment. But I do not
   feel alone.

i  Raymond Dépardon photo

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