Saturday, July 16, 2016

Contain yourself, man

     Yes, it's true. He chose
     a paid-up, card-carrying, 
     fully punched and stamped
     martyr of phobic bigotry
     as his playmate down the
     ticket; but he's still a
     force to reckon with, for
     stigmatizing menstruation.

  Since Friday, August 7, 2015,
  the watching world has known
  the Republican Party was be-
  ing seduced by an immature
  sociopath who would voice its
  every fear and hatred, one by
  one. It was then, he boasted
  of being abused by a female
  journalist, he accused of be-
  ing female. And that was in
  the very hall in Ohio where
  Republicans soon grovel once
  again to exalt him, and spout
  the things they spout. He got
  Pence to carry homophobia, his
  exposed flank, as it were. He
  tempts a tide too many.

Karl Machatschek
Cap Ferret

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