Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Origins of Wednesday xxxii: Whiteness, provisional

I chanced upon a challenging little
trumpet blast today, as we used to
call such things in the era of Mil-
ton, from the chaired head of my
college's African-American studies
program, on why he can't be expect-
ed to vote for Mrs Clinton. It was
in Time magazine, but you can prob-
ably dig it out; and it boiled down
to his sense that she just wouldn't
do much for persons of blackness or
brownness. How one does know how he
feels, being of blueness, oneself.
A man who can govern himself by his
preference in hue, is a stylist to
be reckoned with.

It did gave one a fright, that she 
sported blue for taking Mr Sanders
into the fold. But it was a pastel
kind of thing, not a shade to forge 
a great bond or (as many intimated)
even to stir belief.

I go about in whiteness a great
deal, largely because there is 
Yale. It is known, I think, what
color they flaunt? Without Yale, 
I'd yield to no man in my belief,
our color preferences would in-
stantly be reconciled by acclam-
ation. I realise, one is supposed
to be serious in this deeply sac-
red matter, but I can only in-
sist, I am. Wall off New Haven,
Donald, and let us all swath our
conceits as our soul dictates.
One couldn't predict what it may
do for Mrs Clinton, but it's al-
ways worth a try.

As for ourselves, beguile us all
with masonry, Donald, to wall off 
a hue that can say why we cry. 
Baa-aa, baa-aa, baa-aa.

Dries van Noten
White for S/S 2016

Irving Penn
Vogue, 1949

Burgee unknown


  1. "Democratic values centered on economic and racial justice shape my own politics. I’m not convinced those values shape hers. Nothing Clinton says or intends to do if elected will fundamentally transform the circumstances of the most vulnerable in this country—even with her concessions to the Sanders campaign."
    Oh, the slander. If he had read what she wrote at Wellesley, he would have had to beg for her forgiveness. No wonder she prizes her privacy to the point of pathology.

    "Many, like Jeb Bush, argue that Trump isn’t a true conservative, and that they will not vote for him or Clinton. This is seen as reasonable, and pundits rarely question the integrity of those who hold such views."
    What an obtuse comparison. Hillary Rodham Clinton is not a true Democrat? Surely if such a charge were meant to be taken seriously, it would be made apropos Senator Sanders, who, like Trump is new to the party.

    1. "Nothing X says or intends is remotely so pernicious to the most vulnerable as what Y says and intends, but Y is permissibly awful." This is the Jerry Sandusky theory of self-government.