Saturday, July 16, 2016

Heroine of snark, or of telling arrogance?

The last thing the campaign
against Donald Trump requires
is a gadfly stirring giggles
in the little girls' room,
despite applause from high
and low for her resemblance
to gutter rhetoricians from
the other side. There is a
United States Senator, I ask 
you to believe, who's opened 
a career in gendered quips
of literary criticism fashion-
able in her youth, who loves
to deprive revulsion with Don-
ald Trump of its unexampled,
natural right to be aghast.

What margin of error does
Elizabeth Warren deem it
conscionable to obliterate,
as she scoops her jacks of
jollies? Whose game is this?

Breathtakingly heroic of her
as it may well be, to strip
herself of presumptions of
dignity still accorded res-
pectfully in this culture,
is it her right to project
her advances in conscious-
ness, at the expense of our
right to a just government?
Without wit, but shamelessly
self-amused, she's said to be
in the running to copy Pence
in his yes-person rôle on a
ticket. Oh, won't that work
well, for decency's pretenses?

Or is all this just a grudge
match between victims, after
all: a reciprocating joyride 
on the people's paying ass?

Eric Houdoyer
Tore Johnson

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