Saturday, July 9, 2016

Saturday commute cxxix: Visiting aunts


 The day my father stayed in bed
 Aunt said  Ann  send the boy out
 but I said father said
 he would teach me to tickle trout

 Not today  nor any day
 Aunt said 

            So I went out and scratched
    the pig's back  gave the horses hay
    and all the morning watched
    them come and go  the other aunts
    and neighbour women  all with their
    aprons to their eyes  

Herbert List
Wilhelm Kempff

Édouard Manet
The Explosion
[The Paris Commune]

Jon Stallworthy
A Familiar Tree
  Old John  Young John
Norton, 1987©

Johann Sebastian Bach
Arioso, BWV 992
ca 1704
Wilhelm Kempff
Deutsche Grammophon©
op. cit.

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