Sunday, July 3, 2016

Trials of the spare day

Have I confided my suspicion, yet,
that chores might not be my strong
suit? Probably, by the way that I
conduct this page; but one can nev-
er be too careful. With some prac-
tice, I've mastered a rudimentary
knack for neglectfulness - I sense
a paradox in that - but the allow-
ance of any extra day in a week-
end exerts a discomfiting irrita-
tion with spending it at home. I
don't care to watch the clock as
the dust mounts about me, anchor-
ing cobwebs I have no opportunity
to notice in a healthy ration of
free time. The ceilings, usually
no distraction to me, can cast
such networks of disillusion as
to interfere with the pleasures
of reading on one's back, or doz-
ing off without some dog's pro-
testing usurpation of a place
he's used to exploiting, alone.

I'm thinking, the fault lies in
a chore's exerting an insufficient
claim upon one's gift for heroism.
We fault this attitude in an offen-

sive lineman in football, coveting
the skylarking of ends and other,
showier exemplars of their common
trade. As a householder of dimin-
ished staff, I'd regard it as an
impertinence to blame myself for
nobler inclinations than hosing
down the patios; but that's just
it, I've determined. What the he-
roics of housekeeping require, is
a well qualified team with whom
to pursue the project, in every

Monterey Peninsula
Voisin C-25 Cabriolet

Herbert, Beaton, Capote

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