Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The forest for the trees, anyone?

I trust this page has made its im-
pressions of Mrs Clinton's inter-
esting history clear enough, for
us to venture a question into the
practices of our Federal Bureau,
in reviving the ex parte punish-
onial origins. We pass over the
more salient question, of wheth-
er a police scold would undertake
to chastise a male Cabinet Secret-
ary for conduct tending to make
him squeamish, ignoring its legal-
ity. No, we pass over the exotic
relish a cleric was expected to
extract from such a frisson of pi-
ety, simply to ask this: have we
so abandoned discipline for our
contempts, that our highest echel-
ons of law enforcement are reduced
to projecting calumnious infamies
of prosecutorial frustration, in
confessing the law has been obeyed?

Then throw us in the dock, not the
ducking stool, Your Excellency.

17th C Ducking Stool
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Williamsburg, Virginia

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