Saturday, December 24, 2016

Arms and the man

  Not so many hours ago, a
  rather loud head-of-state-
  to-be picked a quarrel in
  our language, with a mag-
  azine for its opinion of a
  with his name on it. We're
  all on notice, to beef up.

It didn't always happen, of course, that the arbiter of life and death on our minor little coil would plump for enter-prises blustering his name. We'd have said, lustering, but the neologism would have emptied the room, of anyone cognizant of the difference between a clip joint and statecraft.

  This is Christmas Eve, and
  we are circumspect where 
  the foibles of consumption
  are concerned. But it is
  as good a time as any, to
  reiterate a belief of long
  acceptance, that any child
  who hustles his weaknesses
  is incongruous as a hero.
  He's every bit as apt to
  adore our enemies, cave to
  our clients, and call for
  the middle of morning tea.
  You'd think he had lost, 
  or knew he did. 

Dance studio
  Betty Lasker, photography

Dinner at home in Washington
  Photographer unknown

Study for our masthead
  Ivan Terestchenko, designer
  Tassos Paschalis, photography

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