Thursday, December 22, 2016

Waffling well

  It is not unprecedented, in
  this week of the calendar,
  for souls even as stern as
  ours to drift out upon rev-
  eries inspired by our cul-
  tures' adaptations of the
  fruits of the field as well
  as the vine - dried, confec-
  ted, fermented, fresh; and,
  allowing thus our guard to
  drop, to latch upon a treat.

Having cast my lot against
I can not expect much mercy 
anymore, toward how I handle
breakfast. I think I get the
flag, in other words, but I'm
not so sure about the amplifi-
er. Why the incorrigible must
seem delightful at that time
of day, must be how the waffle
got its reputation. 

Still, we do wince at infidel-
ity to expectation, enough to
shift Michel Roux's brilliant
notion for breakfast, to that
late night sphere of nightcap
snacks, when most of the wit-
nesses have found their way
to the other side of the door.
For, if breakfast is indeed
the feast of greater triumph
for our finest cocktail hour,
at least the waffle could not
care less when it is served.

What occasion could be more
practiced in the art of in-
dulgence, we needn't ask of
Christmas Eve, which proves
there is at least one night
a year when anyone's blog is
relevant -- and what is any
amplifier worth, that can't
exploit the sounding board
of the groaning board of in-
gredients beyond expected

Waffle Sauce Café et Drambuie

             In a small saucepan, warm 1 cup maple syrup,
             then add 1 tablespoon instant coffee, dissol-
             ved. As soon as the syrup is hot but not boil-
             ing, take the pan off the heat and whisk in
             1/4 cup vodka and 1/4 cup Drambuie, not too
             vigorously [perish the thought, Ed.]. Cover
             the sauce with plastic wrap and set aside in
             a cool place. Before serving, gently re-heat
             and stir in 8 coffee beans, freshly crushed.

Michel Roux
  Sweet and savory,
  classic and new
Kate Whiteman
Martin Brigdale
  [Glenfiddich Prize, 1997]

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