Sunday, December 18, 2016

Last evening?

I loved the house today. All
afternoon, the aromas of the
slowest sustainable braising
of veal cheeks in a mirepoix
of carrots, celery, shallots,
onion, garlic, anchovy paste,
clear beef stock and a gagli-
oppo from Calabria gave us a
thought to crush some pine
nuts for a pesto, for a light
course of pasta first; and so
the basil, in its brightness,
floated gently above the ten-
derness simmering on the hob.

                         It's not even a nut-
                         it's a little seed -
                         but its place in
                         cooking, in at least
                         one instance, is

To this day, the Presidency
of the United States had not
been mislaid. It would be the
last evening, the authorities
advised, when it would be pos-
sible to say this. Tomorrow
would be soon enough, to see
if they were right. This day
would be for Sunday dinner's
blessings to fill the house,
and guide us to a happy rest.

Marcella Hazan
  and Victor Hazan
  I pinoli
Scribner, 2016©

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